additional breedingの例文


  1. She regularly is mated with prize bulls, and the fertilized embryos are removed and placed in surrogate cows for additional breeding.
  2. This forced the Moon Elves to step from their shadowy world and start exploring for additional breeding options; this is how they came to be known by the Orcs and Humans.
  3. Males holding only one territory may provide their mates with significant assets but may not be able to outcompete neighbors for additional breeding positions because of their smaller body size and possibly higher parasite load.
  4. A total population of 12, 216 breeding pairs was estimated for San Gall醤 and La Vieja Islands in Peru, with some small additional breeding colonies reported for Corcovado Island in Peru, as well as Pan de Azucar Island, Choros islands, Grande and Pajaros islands in Chile.
  5. In addition to the large colonies of Manx shearwaters and Leach s storm petrels, the ecological reserve at Lawn Islands will protect a number of additional breeding seabird species, namely herring gulls, great black backed gulls, black guillemots, black-legged kittiwakes, common murres and Arctic terns.


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