1. Acts of Adjournal are analogous to Acts of Sederunt, which regulate civil proceedings.
  2. An Act of Adjournal is a form of legislation made by the High Court of Justiciary ( the supreme criminal court of Scotland ) to regulate its proceedings, the proceedings of the sheriff courts and the Sheriff Appeal Court when they hear criminal matters, and the justice of the peace courts.
  3. The current power to regulate of the High Court comes from section 305 of the Criminal Procedure ( Scotland ) Act 1995, which allows the court to make Acts concerning practice and procedure including by electronic means, summary procedure fees, payment of fines by prisoners, and to make law necessary for the implementation of Acts of Adjournal and Acts of Parliament.
  4. What we DO have is a collection of Common Law, Statute Law, Judges'Rules, and Parliamentary Procedures, Local Bye-Laws, Parish Councils, Unitary Authorities, District and Regional Councils, Devolved Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies, Acts of Adjournal and Acts of Sederunt, and The Official Secrets Act, to name but a very few of the written and unwritten rules, codes and laws that I as a British SUBJECT ( not Citizen please note ), am governed by.


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