adjourned sessionの例文


  1. The lawmakers also adjourned session without passing a congressional redistricting plan, prompting the governor to consider calling a special session.
  2. The Appeals Court on Saturday adjourned sessions in the BCCI case until April 5 to provide even more time for the return of key defendants to Abu Dhabi.
  3. He served as " President pro tempore " of the Texas State Senate in the First Called Session of the Fourth Texas Legislature, in the Regular and Adjourned Session's of the Sixth Texas Legislature, and all three sessions of the Eighth Texas Legislature.
  4. With delegates to the diocesan convention sharply divided and thus unable to come to a decision from a first slate of nominees, another slate had to be submitted, and even then, the voting required numerous ballots and several adjourned sessions to complete, a situation highly unusual for an American Episcopal diocese.


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