administration officerの例文


  1. On july 22 , 1890 , he assumed shuryokan (imperial hunting administration officer ).
  2. In 401 , he became an administration officer along with heguri no tsuku no sukune and katsuragi no tsubura .
  3. In front of the gate of taga-myojin shrine , a tool merchant yohei and his wife okame are in trouble and are helped by magoshichi , a toiya-ninsoku (laborer for administration officers of inn town ).
  4. This practice , however , became increasingly lax , with some scholar monks being appointed as hogi without leaving the priesthood and who subsequently transferred or held an additional post of a senior shitokan position (particularly kami and suke ) while working as administration officers .
  5. In any event , transfers or double assignments as an administration officer among gikan in onmyoryo were quite common and many former or active gikan held the additional post of onmyo no kami , or chief of that bureau as well , developing a characteristically strong technical government office from nara to early heian period .


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