administration periodの例文


  1. tadahira ' s administration period is usually considered the time during which the regency was established .
  2. this is suspiciously considered to be because " nihonshoki " cut her administration period for its convenience of editing the years .
  3. her administration period is not known , but if it lasted for a long time she is said to have almost been an authentic empress though a relay successor .
  4. it is known that the period of japan ' s rule is called the japanese forced occupation period (korean public broadcasting , kbs , korean broadcasting system is trying to unify the names into this ), the japanese imperial period , or japanese administration period by south korea .
  5. however in " kojiki " (the records of ancient matters ), after the demise of emperor seinei , there was no crown prince and thus iitoyo no himemiko addressed affairs of state , but later (that is , during her administration period ) oke no mikoto ' s brothers were found and she welcomed the brothers from harima province .


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