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  1. Students receive training in medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology, microbiology and administrative agreement with different universities in the city and country areas.
  2. On October 13, 2006, the company announced that it had reached an administrative agreement with the OGC Acquisition Integrity Office, Department of Navy.
  3. Politicians couldn't even bring themselves to blame the bureaucrats for making behind-the-scene administrative agreements that led to the massive increase of the jusen debt.
  4. Since 2002, the Court has managed expenditures relating to the salaries and compensation of Court judges who act as Per Diem Judges under an administrative agreement with Ministry of Justice of Qu閎ec, which is renewed each year.
  5. The Army decided not to debar Watan, opting instead for an administrative agreement that says the company may not bid on any convoy security contracts paid for with U . S . tax dollars for the next three years.


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