administrative chain of commandの例文


  1. The Faculty of Political Sciences administrative chain of command consists of the Dean, the Vice-Dean and the Faculty Council.
  2. He had also been charged with failing to notify the Marine Corps administrative chain of command of his legal status when his term of service was expired and he was discharged from the Marine Corps.
  3. The museum, which is run by the German Air Force, is under the technical and administrative chain of command of the " Milit鋜geschichtliches Forschungsamt " or " MGFA " ( Military History Research Institute ).
  4. During the next two months, Cortines, Zacarias and Miller will focus on addressing the district's school construction problems, implementing state-mandated curriculum, improving students'scores on standardized tests and overhauling the administrative chain of command.
  5. As a result, the 1st Battalion, 103d Field Artillery was reassigned to the 197th Fires Brigade ( New Hampshire Army National Guard ) in its operational chain of command and to the 43rd Military Police Brigade ( Rhode Island Army National Guard ) in its administrative chain of command.


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