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  1. From a federal perspective, however, a circuit court ruling has determined that McCarran-Ferguson requires a state statute rather than administrative interpretations.
  2. Under the court's precedents, administrative interpretations of ambiguous federal laws are entitled to deference from the courts as long as those interpretations are reasonable.
  3. However, administrative interpretation is the  ultimate criterion and becomes the  controlling weight unless it is  plainly erroneous or  inconsistent with the regulation.
  4. That disposition has the Government's express support, notwithstanding that its purpose is to give the Court of Appeals the opportunity to consider an administrative interpretation which appears contrary to the Government's narrow self-interest.
  5. Mr . Meyer has been a consistent critic of pro-management judicial and administrative interpretations of the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, noting their corrosive effect on the intent of the United States Congress in passing the Act.


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