administrative judgementの例文


  1. In 1648, a Lygonia court ratified and confirmed an administrative judgement from a Province of Maine court.
  2. Thirdly, Jaak, if you can give me a diff showing that after Phil Knight administered the week's suspension, I came back complaining, and called for more, or protested his administrative judgement, I will apologize.
  3. Furthermore, currently, more distributed and democratic processes seem to dominate wikipedia through vote, comment, and administrative duty at WP : AFD, WP : CFD, WP : TFD, WP : RFD, WP : UCFD, WP : RM, WP : FLC, WP : FAC, WP : FPC, etc . Much main page content process has less voting involvment, but does have comment and administrative judgement such as WP : ITN, WP : DYK, WP : SA and WP : TFA . With less voting much of the burden ( possibly pleasurable ) falls on the administrators.


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