administrative jurisprudenceの例文


  1. Nevertheless, he portrayed the role of MIVILUDES as contributing to " defining what could simply be an administrative jurisprudence ".
  2. Meanwhile, a standoff between Dr . Hodgins and Dr . Goodman is resolved when Hodgins discovers that the intentions behind avoiding forensic investigations on the Iron Age skeleton is more out of deference to the well preserved body and less due to administrative jurisprudence.
  3. The most important rulings are collected in a publication called " G . A . J . A " ( i . e . " Les Grands Arr阾s de la Jurisprudence Administrative "  The major rulings of the administrative jurisprudence-), published by Dalloz editions and written by some of the most influential authors or judges of the time in France ( e . g.
  4. At present, ECUPL has four LLD programs, i . e . legal historiography, criminal jurisprudence, economic jurisprudence, and international law, and nine LLM programs of law, i . e . theories of law, legal historiography, constitutional jurisprudence and administrative jurisprudence, criminal jurisprudence, civil and commercial jurisprudence, procedural law, economic jurisprudence international jurisprudence, environment and resources protection jurisprudence and one LLM program of professional law and on-the-job students are accepted to pursue doctor and master's degrees.


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