adrenergic blockingの例文


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  1. This amine is typically known as the structural requirement for the ?-adrenergic blocking activity.
  2. Esproquin, which shows hypotensive activity by virtue of its ?-adrenergic blocking properties, is made from THIQ.
  3. Digoxin, calcium channel blocking drugs and beta-adrenergic blocking agents provide little benefit, except in the subgroup of restrictive cardiomyopathy with atrial fibrillation.
  4. On the isolated seminal vesicles of the guinea pig, the new alkaloid was approximately 200 times less potent than ergotamine tartrate as an adrenergic blocking drug.
  5. In summing up, the new naturally occurring alkaloid D-lysergic acid methyl carbinolamide has powerful ergometrine-like oxytocic action and weak ergotamine-like adrenergic blocking actions.


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