advancement in lifeの例文


  1. even to this day , many consent to this model of advancement in life and social advancement of the disadvantaged .
  2. after the war , with kiyomori ' s advancement in life and through the process of establishment of taira clan government , he was incorporated under the government .
  3. mibu no tadami , who was a low-rank officer , was utterly disappointed that his poem that he had composed in hope of advancement in life was beaten in such a tight match .
  4. he achieved rapid advancement in life under his father , kanpaku (chief adviser to the emperor ); for example , in 1199 , he became jushiinoge ukone no chujo (junior fourth rank , lower grade , middle captain of the right division of inner palace guards ), and the next year 1200 , after three time promotions , on december 11 he reached jusanmi (junior third rank ).


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