advantageous positionの例文


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  1. Shima shunin's got himself in the most advantageous position .
    これで 島主任が 一番 有利な立場に立ちました。
  2. Since they have ears on mr . casey , could be listening from a more advantageous position .
    彼らは ケーシー君を盗聴してる もっと有利な 位置から聞いてそうだ
  3. However , the younger brother had completed the formal procedure and was apparently in an advantageous position in light of the legal code ' goseibai-shikimoku ' .
  4. The provision was also intended to ensure an advantageous position in court for those who were on the imperial court side in the genko war , as part of honors to be granted .
  5. Among the lords of the manor who had multilayered structures , the honke , who often occupied the most advantageous position in the real world , became the honjo in many cases .


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