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  1. Root buds form adventitiously on the thickened roots of creeping thistle, and give rise to new shoots.
  2. Insectivorous plants might consume insects and other animal material trapped adventitiously, though most species to which such food represents an important part of their intake are specifically, often spectacularly, adapted to attract and secure adequate supplies.
  3. Nanoparticles created adventitiously ( e . g ., through the rubbing of prostheses ) have long been known to be a health hazard, but as the use of nanomaterials increases worldwide, concerns for worker and user safety are mounting.
  4. Sutural lobes next to the ventral lobe are forned adventitiously in the first latera saddles . " Posttornoceras " is derived from " Exotornoceras " ( Saunders et al . 2004 ) and has been found in Upper Devonian sediments in Germany and Poland ( Miller et al . ibid)
  5. According to Wayman, the idea of an innately pure luminous mind ( " prabhasvara citta " ), " which is only adventitiously covered over by defilements ( agantukaklesa ) " lead to the development of the concept of Buddha-nature, the idea that Buddha-hood is already innate, but not recognised.


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