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  1. He has worked on many projects funded by US Embassy in Colombo, including Leaders in Environmental Advocacy Forum ( LEAF ).
  2. He activated the National AIDS Committee ( NAC ) as a multi sectoral advocacy forum for AIDS and enlisted civil society support to the national programme.
  3. He is a Consumers Welfare Achiever Honoree and actively involved with the Peace & Unity Advocacy Forum which honored the Kapayapaan Foundation headed by popular actor Robin Padilla.
  4. Heavily armed police holding search warrants raided the offices of PNG Watch, the PNG Trust, and the Individual Community Rights Advocacy Forum, Australian Broadcasting Corp . radio reported.
  5. There are thousands of people who have been illegally detained or abducted by the state and many more tortured and killed, " said Mandira Sharma of Advocacy Forum, a rights group in Katmandu.


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