aerial applianceの例文


  1. Operating from 85 fire stations, It has 121 fire engines and 64 special appliances, including aerial appliances, water carriers, incident command units, 4x4s and environmental protection units.
  2. Examples of 25-pump fires include the blaze at Alexandra Palace in 1980, and at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Chelsea in 2008, the latter also involving four aerial appliances.
  3. To support the operational training the college has a fully equipped appliance room with some 25 appliances from different manufacturers including pumps, aerial appliances, rescue tenders, USAR vehicles and hazmats appliances.
  4. Sixty firefighters used ten fire engines and " a number of specialist appliances, including two aerial appliances, to contain the fire . " Fire Service spokesman Paul Duggan said : " The fire is thought to have started in a diesel generator then spread to some wooden pallets and propane cylinders nearby, some of which exploded as a result.


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