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  1. In a significant design departure from previous Aeronca aircraft, the strut-braced wings of the Sedan are all-metal assemblies.
  2. It was designed to use an engine from an Aeronca aircraft . Spruce was used as the structural material with birch plywood covering.
  3. The new company was formed to acquire the assets of companies involved in the UK production of the Aeronca aircraft, and to acquire from Lang Propellers Ltd ., the whole of its assets.
  4. With World War II underway overseas and feeling insecure about his own courage, McGovern took flying lessons in an Aeronca aircraft and received a pilot's license through the government's Civilian Pilot Training Program.
  5. The low price generated significant sales; 128 C-3 Masters were built in 1935 alone ( of 430 C-3s built in all ), and the 500th Aeronca aircraft also rolled off the assembly line that same year.


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