aeronca champの例文


  1. The Decathlon traces its lineage back to the Aeronca Champ, by way of the Citabria.
  2. In the early 1960s the airport offered flying lessons for $ 12 an hour, using circa 1939 Aeronca Champs as trainers.
  3. Pilot Robert Hargrave, 73, was heading south from Georgia to Boca Raton, Florida, in an Aeronca Champ when he violated the 30-mile-( 48-kilometer-) wide ring of restricted airspace over the Melbourne rally, Brevard County sheriff's Lt . John Coppola said.
  4. The Aeronca Champ and Piper Cub were both heavily used for training, as well as personal use, and the two were each other's closest competitors in the postwar market ( no other comparable plane came close in popularity during the 1940s, until the advent of the very different Cessna 140 ).


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