aeronca lの例文


  1. Military versions of the Aeronca 7 series were operated by the USAF as the "'Aeronca L-16 " '.
  2. In the following weeks and into early 1943, approximately 200 glider pilots were assigned to the field along with 15 liaison aircraft ( Aeronca L-3C and Taylorcraft L-2A Grasshopper ) for use in training.
  3. They used L-1 Vigilants, L-2 Grasshoppers, Aeronca L-3s, L-4 Grasshoppers, L-5 Sentinels, L-6 Grasshoppers, and Douglas O-46s for observation sorties.
  4. The "'Aeronca L-3 "'group of observation and liaison aircraft were used by the United States Army Air Corps in World War II . The L-3 series were adapted from Aeronca's pre-war Tandem Trainer and Chief models.


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