aesthetic associationの例文


  1. Other scholars deny that the Greeks had any aesthetic association with golden ratio.
  2. Other associations includes " MBEF ", Malm?Borgarskola Aesthetics Association, and " MBMF ", Malm?Borgarskola Mathematics Association.
  3. Spenser's characters embody Elizabethan values, highlighting political and aesthetic associations of Tudor Arthurian tradition in order to bring his work to life.
  4. But a new, increasingly visible generation of Nordic designers, more than 50 of whom are included in the exhibition " Young Nordic Design : The Generation X, " at Scandinavia House through Dec . 30, is burning down the forest of traditional aesthetic associations and materials.
  5. Japanese pilots would paint them on the sides of their planes before embarking on a suicide mission, or even take branches of the trees with them on their missions . in this way, the aesthetic association was altered such that falling cherry petals came to represent the sacrifice of youth in suicide missions to honor the emperor.


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