aesthetic charmの例文


  1. The hotel's aesthetic charm makes it a frequent subject for local artists.
  2. Nowadays, many pleasure and fishing boats are still there, but it is not as economically vital than the other more modern ports, although its touristic and aesthetic charm almost makes the old port the official emblem of the city.
  3. The same can be said of Simmel when he says that, " the vitality of real individuals, in their sensitivities and attractions, in the fullness of their impulses and convictions . . . is but a symbol of life, as it shows itself in the flow of a lightly amusing play, " or when he adds : " a symbolic play, in whose aesthetic charm all the finest and most highly sublimated dynamics of social existence and its riches are gathered . " Again, one has to conclude that he is describing human interactions at their idealised best and not the more typical ones, which tend to fall a long way short of his descriptions.


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