affective controlの例文


  1. There, he worked at the Human Robot Interaction Lab researching affective control and evolution interactions between effect and cognitive robots for human robot interactions, developing multi-scale agent based cognitive modelling architecture for complex robots.
  2. The goals of CBASP treatment are ( 1 ) to connect patients perceptually and behaviorally to the interpersonal world they live in so that their behavior is informed by environmental ( interpersonal ) influences; ( 2 ) CBASP teaches patients how to make themselves feel better emotionally as well as how to maintain affective control; ( 3 ) patients are taught to negotiate interpersonal relationships successfully which means that patients acquire the requisite skills to obtain desirable interpersonal goals [ McCullough, 2000, 2006 ]; ( 4 ) finally, patients learn the crucial importance of " maintaining " the treatment gains after psychotherapy ends.


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