affective fallacyの例文


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  1. On the theoretical plane, the critical approach denoted as affective fallacy was fundamentally unsound because it denied the iconicity of the literary text.
  2. Among W . K . Wimsatt, " The Intentional Fallacy " and " The Affective Fallacy, " both key texts of New Criticism.
  3. In this light, the affective fallacy ran afoul of the New Critics'desire to place literary criticism on a more objective and principled basis.
  4. Among the central threads running through de Man's work is his attempt to tease out the tension between rhetoric ( which de Man's uses as a term to mean figural language and intentionalist and affective fallacies.
  5. First defined in an article published in " The Sewanee Review " in 1949, the concept of an affective fallacy was most clearly articulated in " The Verbal Icon ", Wimsatt's collection of essays published in 1954.


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