affective feelingの例文


  1. The anterior insula may represent core affective feelings in awareness across a number of emotion categories, driven largely by sensations originating in the body.
  2. Interoceptive predictions provide information about the state of the body and ultimately produce basic, affective feelings of pleasure, displeasure, arousal, and calmness.
  3. Modern cognitive science and neuroscience show that studying the role of emotion in mental function ( including topics ranging from flashes of scientific insight to making future plans ), that no human has ever satisfied this criterion, except perhaps a person with no affective feelings, for example an individual with a massively damaged amygdala or severe psychopathy.
  4. The term " core affect " was first used in print by Russell and Barrett in 1999 in " Journal of Personality and Social Psychology " where it is used to refer to the affective feelings that are part of every conscious state ( as discussed by Wundt in his 1889 " System der Philosophie " ).
  5. James Crotty, a slanguist who goes by the sobriquet " the Mad Monk, " reported that the'80s synonym was woo-woo : " The phrase touchy-feely was first used to describe therapy sessions at Esalen, a ` retreat center'in Big Sur, Calif . That's where get in touch with your feelings was born, with the touch referring to kinesthetic feeling and the feel to affective feeling.


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