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  1. Affective Meditation is the Mary manifested in emotive vocal sounds and physical movements.
  2. The affective meditation, prayer, or piece of art transmits the intentions inscribed within it in a way it " "'has " "'these intentions.
  3. While Affective Meditation is a marginal practice, Cooper's books and teachings, and the creative approach to Christian contemplative traditions outside the boundaries and purview of formal doctrine and religious organizations, including those originating in Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
  4. But he also privileges St . Francis of Assisi, who he says " " [ m ] ore than any other saint or spiritual writer . . . transformed religious sensibility in the direction of devotion to the humanity of Christ . " Much of the article focuses on affective meditations on the life of Christ as characteristically Franciscan.
  5. To employ Carruthers'insights, an affective meditation, prayer, or piece of art is " "'intended " "'by the author, artist, or compositor to persuade those who read, hear, or behold it by means of the " formal and stylistic choices " he or she makes.


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