affinity columnの例文


  1. Traditional affinity columns are used as a preparative step to flush out unwanted biomolecules.
  2. May be completed using DNA isolation kits available commercially which are based on affinity columns.
  3. After the protein of interest has been washed through two affinity columns, it can be examined for binding partners.
  4. Whereas gel agglutination is based on size exclusion of agglutinated red cells in an inert matrix, red cell affinity column technology ( ReACT ) is based on affinity adherence of red cell s in an immunologically active matrix.
  5. The dissociation constant of the S-peptide for the S-protein is roughly 30 pM; this tight binding can be exploited for protein purification by attaching the S-peptide to the protein of interest and passing a mixture over an affinity column with bound S-protein . [ A smaller C-peptide ( residues 1-13 ) also works . ] The RNase S model system has also been used for studying protein folding by coupling folding and association.


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