ahmedabad blastsの例文


  1. Gujarat police recovered and defused two more bombs in Surat, another major city in Gujarat, a day after the Ahmedabad blasts.
  2. Police claimed that Kapadia admitted his involvement in the Ahmedabad blasts, and that he, along with Abdul Subhan Qureshi " alias"
  3. Similar to the Jaipur case, after the Ahmedabad blasts, several TV channels reported that they received e-mails from the Indian Mujahideen claiming responsibility for the terror attacks.
  4. He has also revealed that the Bangladeshi members were also present in a number of meetings held to hatch the plot, which was planned as retaliation for the Ahmedabad blasts in July 2008.
  5. The Delhi blasts are, according to the email, a direct reaction to the raids carried on and after the Ahmedabad blasts, and " harassments imposed by your ( Indian ) ATS and the police on the innocent Muslims ".


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