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  1. They do not leave immediately however, and Sharpe spends the night in Ahmednuggur with Simone.
  2. Happen what may, I shall never forget our first meeting under the walls of Ahmednuggur ".
  3. Wellesley reached Ahmednuggur later the same day after a march and immediately ordered an escalade assault on the town rather than enter into a time-consuming siege.
  4. Scinda orders most of his men out of Ahmednuggur so Pohlmann gives Dodd command of the city and instructions to hold it as long as possible but not be captured.
  5. Upon arrival at Ahmednuggur, Wellesley launches a risky escalade in a bid to quickly capture the poorly fortified town and succeeds, to the amazement of Dodd who does not rate Wellesley as a general.


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