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  1. The fifth of seven sons and one daughter of James Luke and his wife Sarah, originally from Ahoghill.
  2. A classroom in St . Joseph's elementary school in Ahoghill, a village west of Ballymena, was gutted by a gasoline bomb.
  3. In the nearby Protestant village of Ahoghill, British army experts blew apart a suspected pipe bomb outside a Catholic-owned furniture store, but it proved to be a hoax.
  4. The road goes through Gulladuff and Clady ( both in County Londonderry ), as well as Portglenone, Ahoghill, Ballymena Broughshane and The Sheddings ( all in County Antrim ).
  5. His father, Rev . Peter Leslie, was rector of Ahoghill, and had married Jane, daughter of Most Rev . Dr . William Fane De Salis and John Warren, 3rd Baron de Tabley.


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