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  1. Sulikphaa hailed from the Samuguria branch of the Royal Ahom Dynasty.
  2. The " Buranji " s were written during the Ahom dynasty in the Assamese language using the Assamese alphabet.
  3. Therefore Laluk proposed before Lora Raja to mutilate the limbs of all the able-bodied princes belonging to the Royal Ahom dynasty.
  4. She was the only daughter of Swargadeo Jayadhwaj Singha, king of Ahom Dynasty and his wife Pakhori Gabharu, the daughter of Momai Tamuli Borbarua.
  5. In October 1679, a prince of the Samuguria branch of Royal Ahom Dynasty, aged only fourteen years, was placed on the throne at Sakbari dockyard.


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