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  1. AIMVAL examined 5 missile concepts under consideration as replacements for the AIM-9L Sidewinder.
  2. Actual seeker hardware was utilized in AIMVAL.
  3. It was claimed that the Soviet Union benefited more from ACEVAL / AIMVAL than did its Western counterparts.
  4. AIMVAL findings were that the new missiles were no better than the AIM-9L, resulting in termination of the Navy AIM-95 Agile off-boresight / thrust vectoring air-to-air missile program, which was under development at the time.
  5. The "'Air Combat Evaluation ( ACEVAL ) "'and the "'Air Intercept Missile Evaluation ( AIMVAL ) "'were two back-to-back Joint Test & Evaluations chartered by the United States Department of Defense that ran from 1974-78 at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.


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