ain dallaの例文


  1. In April 1935, again accompanied by Hansjoachim von der Esch, Alm醩y explored the Great Sand Sea from Ain Dalla to Siwa Oasis, the last remaining'blank spot'untouched by earlier explorers or Patrick Clayton's surveys.
  2. After the war Bagnold studied engineering at Gonville and Caius College, Ford Model A automobile and two Ford lorries exploring the vast swathe of desert from Cairo to Ain Dalla which was an area reputed to contain the mythical city of Zerzura.
  3. In October 1930 Kennedy Shaw accompanied Ralph Alger Bagnold on a trip from Cairo to Ain Dalla, into the sand sea, past Ammonite hill then past the Gilf Kebir south to Uweinat and on to Wadi Halfa, returning via the Arba in slave road via Salima oasis, Kharga and then Aysut.


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