air foam systemの例文


  1. The stacking of the bubblets is similar to aspirated fire fighting foam or compressed air foam systems, except that bubblets are water filled, whereas foam bubbles are only filled with air.
  2. This ratio also allows for a higher relative foam solution ( liquid ) flow rate to help maintain the highest levels of firefighter safety possible . ( The Compressed Air Foam Systems Handbook, Colletti 2005 .)
  3. W . S . Darley has developed compressed air foam systems ( CAFS ) that combine firefighting foam with air and water, using water more efficiently, which can be helpful in areas where water access is difficult.
  4. The Royal Navy experimented with agents foamed by means of compressed air in the 1930s ( Darley, 1994 ) and the United States Navy was using compressed air foam systems ( CAFS ) in the 1940s for flammable liquid fires.
  5. However, the ACT RFS has undertaken a major modernization program since 2003 after the McLeod enquiry, including the building new fire sheds, buying new appliances, recruiting more firefighters ( both volunteer and seasonal ) and taking part in research around bushfires, particularly in the use of Compressed air foam system.


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