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  1. Ski cross courses have both naturally occurring terrain and artificial features including big-air jumps and high-banked turns.
  2. The compressed air jump start system was not a success, so the second prototype used the engine, connected via a belt, clutch and gear box.
  3. There are 2 detachable quad chairlifts and 2 fixed-grip quad chairlifts, 3 surface conveyor learner lifts and 1 platter lift to service the halfpipes and big air jump.
  4. The playful behavior of the animals, which is manifested in air jumps, somersaults, surfing, or fin hitting, occurs more often than not in smaller cetaceans, such as dolphins and porpoises.
  5. It combines the big-air jumps and exciting action of motocross with the crisp winter environment, providing snowbelt race fans with race action, world class athletes to cheer, and fun, family venues to visit.


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