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  1. In 1971 Hallgren and several other artists including Dan O'Neill teamed up to produce two issues of " Air Pirates Funnies ".
  2. The character's first long-form appearance was in " Air Pirates Funnies " # 1 ( Last Gasp, July 1971 ).
  3. Beginning in 1971, RIchards was a member of the Air Pirates collective, one of the key contributors to " Air Pirates Funnies ", an underground comix title that led to a lawsuit by Walt Disney Productions.
  4. After the Pirates were established, Willy Murphy, Larry Todd and Gary King started hanging around the collective and contributing to their projects, missing the original " Air Pirates Funnies " but appearing in later Air Pirates comics.
  5. During the legal proceedings and in violation of the temporary restraining order, the Air Pirates published some of the material intended for the third issue of " Air Pirates Funnies " in the comic " The Tortoise and the Hare " ( Last Gasp, 1971 ), of which nearly 10, 000 issues were soon confiscated under a court order.


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