al abramsの例文


  1. "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette " sports editor Al Abrams then quoted a disgusted fan as having written, " Why don't they call themselves the Car-Pits?
  2. "I just fired up a kiln this week, " said Al Abrams, owner of Kids'Art Space, a five-year-old North Hollywood plaster and ceramics studio.
  3. Tim Tormey, a friend and business mentor to Pat DiCesare, initiated a meeting between DiCesare and Al Abrams . Abrams was the senior sports editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the president of the Dapper Dan Club, a charitable organization associated with the Post-Gazette.
  4. Among the school's notable alumni are former Mayor of Pittsburgh Sophie Masloff, Dapper Dan Charities founder and former " Pittsburgh Post-Gazette " sports editor Al Abrams, and forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht, who served as Coroner ( later Medical Examiner ) and a Commissioner of Allegheny County.
  5. "A lot of the bigger hotels are realizing their customers are coming in already Internet-dependent, so they're having to very quickly figure out how to provide these high-speed services to the guests who don't want to be left in a vacuum, " said NXTV spokesman Al Abrams.


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