al ahdの例文


  1. A number of political parties merged into PAM : Al Ahd, the Justice and Development Party ( PJD ).
  2. The Action Party is represented by an open eye; the Al Ahd Party chose a car; the Alliance of Liberties an alarm clock.
  3. Pandemonium broke out as Muslim fundamentalist deputies interrupted Abdul-Hadi Majali, head of the pro-government Al Ahd party, who was criticizing the hardliners for taking parliamentary issues to forums outside the legislature.
  4. At the last legislative parliamentary election, held on 7 September 2007, the party won 14 out of 325 seats together with the Al Ahd with which it formed an alliance, called the Covenant Party.
  5. According to one prominent interpretation, this would mean that the Principalities were regarded by the Ottomans as belonging to the " D鈘 al ahd "'( " Abode of the Covenant " ), a status granted to them in exchange for material gains.


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