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  1. With Castel-Bloom six months into the book, the Al Aksa intifada broke out.
  2. That visit, and the bloody riots that ensued, provided what Palestinians consider the provocation and Israelis consider the pretext for the Palestinians'uprising, the Al Aksa Intifada.
  3. Faced with public horror at the mounting Palestinian casualties and sympathy for what is now being called the Al Aksa intifada, or uprising, the normally fractious Arab leaders have to decide whether a continued investment in peace-making is worth the risk to their own credibility.
  4. "The Arab leaders have a right to be told frankly and sincerely that the Al Aksa intifada and the barbaric Israeli aggression unleashed to crush it was, and will remain, a turning point, " wrote Saleheddin Hafez, managing editor of Al Ahram, a government-controlled newspaper in Egypt.
  5. Castel-Bloom's tutorial offered a case of life imitating art imitating life, for she is not only a mother made fearful by the ceaseless Palestinian terrorism but also an author who has just produced the first Israeli novel to chronicle life amid the 20-month-old Palestinian uprising, the Al Aksa intifada.


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