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  1. El-Nasr Electronic Appliances ( Philips Egypt ) has severed its ties with Philips International, reported Al Alam Al Youm.
  2. He said that company production is worth LE 60 million, sales LE 80 million, and there are 4, 500 employees, reported Al Alam Al Youm.
  3. Adviser to the Minister of Public Enterprise Mokhtar Khattab insisted that these workers had chosen early retirement voluntarily and without any pressures from their management, reported Al Alam Al Youm.
  4. In 1991, he was among the founders of the first daily business newspaper in Egypt, titled " Al Alam Al Youm ", Arabic for " World Today ".
  5. In 1991, she established together with Emad El-Din Adeeb a first Egyptian business newspaper called " Al Alam Al Youm ", where she worked as chief correspondent.


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