al anbaaの例文


  1. An unidentified Sudanese official was quoted in the state-run newspaper Al Anbaa on Thursday as saying the course is a ploy to help Uganda train rebels in southern Sudan.
  2. "Our patience is not unlimited " the government daily Al Anbaa said Saturday, referring to the U . N .-run registration for the December referendum planned for the Texas-size territory Morocco wants to acquire.
  3. Every day I see signs that this war of ideas is possible : it's the Arab journalist who says to me angrily of the Arab world today, " We can't even make an aspirin for our own headache, " or it's Ahmad al-Baghdadi, the Kuwaiti professor, who just published a remarkable essay in Kuwait's Al Anbaa and Egypt's Akhbar Al Youm entitled " Sharon Is a Terrorist _ and You ?"


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