algae cultivationの例文


  1. Its products provide a hybrid algae cultivation system alternative to open ponds and closed photobioreactors.
  2. Her first job on Nantucket was at the Marine Lab on Brant Point, an aquaculture facility where her responsibilities ran the gamut from larval shellfish propagation and algae cultivation to Federal grant administration.
  3. Visiting Sufi holy men and Islamic scholars in Karachi, he met Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to discuss possible Indo-Pakistan cooperation in algae cultivation in the climatically suitable Gujrat-Sind border region, which is where Bhutto and his ancestors were from.
  4. Professor Nakamura's student and prot間?Dr Kotaro Kawaguchi relocated from Japan as chief research scientist and working with Sebastian Thomas, an algae cultivation expert from India, they refined desert-grown spirulina into consumable powder using the world's first solar heated dryer.


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