algal biofuelの例文


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  1. Following the disbanding of the Aquatic Species Program in 1996, there was a relative lull in algal biofuel research.
  2. Sapphire Energy, and Algenol, among others have begun commercial sale of algal biofuel in 2012 and 2013, and 2015, respectively.
  3. In November 2012, Solazyme and Propel Fuels made the first retail sales of algae-derived fuel, and in March 2013 Sapphire Energy began commercial sales of algal biofuel to Tesoro.
  4. Although the goal was not energy production, several studies produced by RITE demonstrated that algae could be grown using flue gas from power plants as a source, an important development for algal biofuel research.
  5. Because Puerto Libertad is home to a large, aged, heavy fuel burning power station operated by the national utility company, the town is the site of a proposed algal biofuel project which would produce ethanol.


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