algal groupsの例文


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  1. Each of these algal groups also includes various microscopic and single-celled organisms.
  2. One common definition includes the land plants, the embryophytes ( bryophytes and vascular plants ) and the green algal group Charophyta.
  3. One important algal group, the bottom dwelling ( benthic ) algae, grows over dead coral and other inert surfaces, and provides grazing fields for herbivores such as parrotfish.
  4. The point where these nonalgal plants begin and algae stop is usually taken to be the presence of reproductive organs with protective cell layers, a characteristic not found in the other algal groups.
  5. There is good evidence that some of these algal groups arose independently from separate non-photosynthetic ancestors, with the result that many groups of algae are no longer classified within the plant kingdom as it is defined here.


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