alida van den bosの例文


  1. Alida van den Bos remembers the 1928 Games as the glorious summer when she and 11 other Dutch women did what no other women had been allowed to do before _ compete in Olympic gymnastics.
  2. The members of his Olympic gold-winning team were : Alida van den Bos, Estella Agsteribbe, Jacomina van den Berg, Petronella Burgerhof, Elka de Levie, Helena Nordheim, Ans Polak, Petronella van Randwijk, Hendrika van Rumt, Jud Simons, Jacoba Stelma and Anna van der Vegt.
  3. Such lasting legacies are evident in the still proud posture of Alida van den Bos, a gymnast in the 1928 Amsterdam Games; in the daily lives of the people of Montreal, who continue to pay for their Games with every pack of cigarettes purchased; and in the partially erased swastikas on an Olympic bell in Berlin.


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