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  1. Many of Withoos'seven children also followed in his footsteps, including the botanical artist Alida Withoos.
  2. According to Houbraken he was the second son of Mathias Withoos, brother to the painters Johannes, Frans and Alida Withoos.
  3. Alida Withoos was-with her brother Pieter Withoos-one of the many artists from Hoorn who painted plants while in residence at Vijverhof.
  4. The Library of Wageningen University own a book of drawings bought by the collector Simon Schijnvoet that includes 7 by Alida Withoos, perhaps made for Block.
  5. The other artists were Alida Withoos ( 13 aquarels ) and Johanna Helena Herolt-Graff ( daughter of Maria Sibylla Merian ) with 2 sheets; 31 aquarels were unsigned.


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