aliphatic amino acidの例文


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  1. with 1 and 4 being aliphatic amino acids, 2 and 5 always and 3 sometimes being proline.
  2. The tachykinin family is characterized by a common C-terminal sequence, Aromatic or an Aliphatic amino acid.
  3. To quantify aliphatic amino acids, the sample is diluted in glycerol and then treated with a solution of sodium nitrite, water and acetic acid.
  4. Leucine dehydrogenase ( LeuDH ) is a NAD-dependent enzyme that catalyses the reversible deamination of leucine and several other aliphatic amino acids to their keto analogues.
  5. GGTase I catalyzes the addition of one geranylgeranyl group onto the C-terminal consensus sequence CAAL ( somewhat similar to farnesyltransferase reactions ), where C = cysteine, A = any aliphatic amino acid, and L = leucine.


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