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  1. The last known survivor of the Alliance Colony, Lillian Greenblatt Braun, celebrated her 100th birthday in 2005.
  2. He contributed to the Alliance colony in New Jersey, founded in 1882, and to almost every philanthropic institution in New York, regardless of creed.
  3. Perskie was born at the Alliance Colony in Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey on July 20, 1885, the son of Harris Perskie and Minnie ( Levit ) Perskie.
  4. Prominent Americans from Alliance Colony include Gilbert Seldes, born January 3, 1893, writer and cultural critic, and his older brother George Seldes, born November 16, 1890, an investigative journalist and media critic.
  5. The " Stinger " has now been renamed the " Excalibur ", and has embarked on a campaign against the Alliance, gathering a small army as it attacks Alliance colonies, becoming a symbol of the rebellion.


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