alliance couplerの例文


  1. The modern Alliance coupler still uses the modern AAR-10 and / or-10A contour, as well as others, but cannot be used in the US on an " interchanging " railway.
  2. The Alliance coupler, named after the ASF-owned foundry in Alliance, Ohio, was developed as a lighter build than the AAR Type " D " coupler, and was marketed by the Amsted Corporation, the parent corporation of ASF, as the " Standard Coupler for the World ".
  3. "Arthur James Bazeley " ( 1872-1937 ), Railway Couplings Inventor / Design Engineer; was born in Bristol, England in 1872, and worked for the Great Western Railway until the age of 34 when he immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1906, where he worked as a mechanical engineer for National Malleable Castings, Co ., inventing and designing improvements in the function, strength, and durability of the ( MCB / ARA / AAR / APTA ) Janney, Knuckle, Alliance couplers and other coupling devices / draw gear for the evolving heavier demands by U . S . A . Railways, as well as, National Malleable Castings'international customers in the U . K ., England, India, and many other countries building and expanding their railway systems.


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