along with the development inの例文


  1. With developments in computing opening new vistas for the theoreticians, along with the developments in laboratory methods, the entire department enjoyed the intellectual ferment of the 1950s.
  2. During the first Republic of Vietnam, some indigenous industrial zones or factories were founded, such as : paper factory Cogido in An H?o ( 1961 ), Textile factories Vinatexco and Vimytex, glassware factory Kh醤h H?i, Cement factories H?Ti阯 and Th? ?c, Hydroelectric power factory a Nhim ( 1961 ), Bi阯 H騛 industrial zone ( 1963 ) & During 1956 1960, Di?m built a relatively stable RVN with a stable economy along with the development in infrastructure and people s standards of living due to export of home comforts.


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