1. Thus Altingiaceae and Iteaceae are monogeneric in some classifications.
  2. The recognition of Altingiaceae as a separate family received strong statistical support in 2008.
  3. Altingiaceae was usually not separated from Hamamelidaceae until phylogenetic studies showed that its inclusion might make Hamamelidaceae paraphyletic.
  4. Cercidiphyllaceae is now known to be a member of the woody clade of Saxifragales, along with Hamamelidaceae, Altingiaceae, and Daphniphyllaceae, but Trochodendraceae is in the basal eudicot order Trochodendrales.
  5. A total of 42 specimens in chert were studied by paleobotanists Kathleen Pigg, Stefanie Ickert-Bond, and Jun Wen, with their 2004 specific epithet " changii " as a patronym honoring the Chinese botanist and ecologist Hung-ta Chang, for his work with the family Altingiaceae and for describing the living species " Liquidambar acalycina ".


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